Tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road, so sufficient tread depth, correct tyre pressure, alignment and balancing are crucial to yours and your passengers safety while driving. We offer a free tyre check, our expert technicians will carry out a visual inspection of your tyres to ensure they are safe and legal.

Servicing and Car Repairs @ Satnam Automobile :- we are expert in all type of car service and repairs.and we believe in customer's satisfaction

We Supply and Fit any tyre for any make or model

We can order and fit any brand of tyre for your vehicle within the same day. We typically stock common tyres sizes, but specialist or high performance tyres are ordered and delivered to us within the hour. Our tyre fitting service includes the following

  • Any brand of tyre supplied
  • Wheel balancing
  • Fitting a new air valve
  • Environmental disposal of your old tyres